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Resources to explore the opportunities to study in Catalonia in key sectors
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The job market is more competitive than it’s ever been and it is evolving ever faster. Education and training systems must generate and deliver the new skills, competences and qualifications to respond to the nature of the new jobs which are expected to be created in the context of an exceptional degree of unpredictability about the future. 
With more than 220,000 university students, Catalonia and Barcelona are currently benchmark destinations for students and professionals. A very well-known fact is the Catalan Universities offers university students a prestigious, quality higher education system, with over seven centuries of history and tradition but one of the main objectives of the higher education is increase the skills and employability of students and contribute to the competitiveness of Catalonia, Spain and worldwide.
The Catalan universities will offer 475 degrees and 475 master's degrees (14 degrees and 32 masters will be news) for the next academic year 2015-2016. The number of “strategic sectors” programs has grown significantly over the past years, both at universities and business schools, in order to meet the needs of a sectors that are becoming the main driving forces of the economy: Business and Innovation Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sincrotron Radiation and Particle Accelerators, Smart Cities, Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Technologies, Management and Consultancy on new Technologies and Systems, Video Game Design and Development, High Performance Computing, Bioinformatics, Leadership Development, Biomedical Research, Design Research and Experimentation, Smart textiles, Intelligent Technologies for Healthcare Systems, R&D Management,...
In addition, the Catalan universities are offering open massive online courses –known by their acronym in English MOOCs.
The Research centres, Hospital Institutions, the Technology centres and large research-support infrastructures offer master studies, PhD and postdoctoral programs, and other programs to provide professional skills for exceptional students, researchers and the industry and many of them have received the “HR Excellence in Research” award from the European Commission, which shows the commitment in conducting transparent and merit-based recruitment procedures and providing attractive working conditions in alignment with the European Charter and Code.
Barcelona is home to some of the world’s most prestigious Business Schools according to leading economic publications and we can’t forget the Design. Barcelona is one of the leading cities in the field of design. 50 design schools in Catalonia, training some 6,000 professionals a year.
Catalonia offers a range of programs taught partially or completely in English Language in order to increase the employability and reinforce the international vocation. The International scope is promoted with strategies focused on the creation of alliances with leading universities and companies, the recruitment of lecturers with an international background, promoting the international mobility of students and teaching staff and participating in the most important networks, international career and higher education fairs in the world.
We’ve compiled this guide with resources to explore the opportunities to study in Catalonia in key sectors. We hope you will find it informative and helpful:


  • Public:
  • Private:
  • Distance-learning university:

o Open University of Catalonia (UOC)


    • Advanced technology centres. TECNIO Network
    • Technology centres. TECNIO Network



      • BIOCAT is the organization that coordinates and promotes the life sciences sector in Catalonia. Biocat is launching the MOEBIO initiative and its flagship program Design Health Barcelona (d•HEALTH Barcelona) inspired by the prestigious Stanford Biodesign Fellowship program.
      • BCNatal is a national and international referral centre in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, result of the merger of Hospital Clínic and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona. The Fetal Medecine Barcelona foundation supports specialized training in fetal medecine by offering more than 15 courses in 2 languages.
        national and international referral centre in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, result of the merger of Hospital Clínic and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona - See more at:
        national and international referral centre in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, result of the merger of Hospital Clínic and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona - See more at:
      • CIBERNARIUM. Cibernàrium is the programme for IT skills acquisition and diffusion of Barcelona Activa - the City Council of Barcelona. It offers training for professionals and companies, as well as activities for Internet beginners for the whole citizenship
      • INFONOMIA. Founded in 2000 by Alfons Cornella, Infonomia is an innovation consulting firm based in Barcelona.They have focused on how education should evolve to answer to the demand of a new set of skills and mindsets that society and people need to address current and future challenges more effectively. Some Infonomia education projects.


      • All the MOOC courses on offer are available to consult on the UCATx website
      • Euraxess Catalonia: a guide for researchers where you may find information and support to do research in Catalonia
        • Study in Spain a section offering ample information on the Spanish University System
        • The Vives Network is a non-profit institution that represents and coordinates the joint action in higher education, research and culture of 21 universities from 4 different European countries
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