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Job Title: Pre-doctoral research positions (Computer Vision scientific project)
The Computer Vision Center (CVC) offers ONE pre-doctoral research positions (FPI76-CVC).
Fellowship profile: research fellowship for the development of a task in a Computer Vision scientific project. Researchers in Computer Vision will be incorporated into an official PhD or Master Degree program to pursue a PhD.
Candidate’s requirements: university degree in computer science, telecommunications, mathematics or physics and graduated with good marks in his/her studies. Selection will be done based on the candidate’s qualifications. And other requeriments:
  • Good mathematical understanding.
  • High motivation for research.
  • Capability of working in a autonomous way.
  • Good programming skills in C++ and Matlab.
  • Good communication skills in English, both in written and oral form.
  • Learning or Pattern Recognition techniques will be an asset
Structure: this fellowship is structured in two phases of two years each:
1. During the first phase, the fellowship for the researchers in training will cover the cost of the credits of the PhD program. At the end of this phase he/she must have obtained the research proficiency or, in the case of doing an official master, to begin the PhD thesis.
2. During the second phase, a working contract will be made official, for a maximum period of 2 years, in which he/she will have to finish and present the PhD thesis.
Fellowship duration: 12 months with possibilities of renewal, up to four years.
Salary: 12 payments with a gross monthly salary according to the PIF uab plus the Social Security quotation, in accordance with “Estatuto del Personal Investigador en Formación” (Law on Training Researchers), approved by the Royal Decree 63/2006, on January 27th. In addition, fellowship includes public fees for the registration in Official Postgraduate programs (PhD or official masters) and thesis tutor. During the fellowship, in no case, if the number of credits is over 32 for a PhD program or 60 (annual credits) for an official master; will the costs of such surplus credits be covered. Neither will the cost of validated credits be assumed.
Beginning of the fellowship: Immediately after candidates have been selected. Nature of the Fellowship: the grant and enjoyment of the fellowship does not establish any contractual or statutory relationship with the Computer Vision Center, nor does it imply any obligation of the Computer Vision Center to the subsequent incorporation of the said fellowship recipient to the Center’s staff. The enjoyment of the fellowship under this call is incompatible with any other fellowships or grants financed with public or private funds from the Spanish government or the European Community, or with the earning of other salaries which imply a contractual or statutory bind of the said fellowship recipient to another company. It could be authorized salary payments coming from educational tasks (courses, conferences or speeches) or research tasks (books, papers), directly associated to the research, and provided that they have a sporadic and not regular nature. The said payments cannot exceed the 30% of the total fellowship annual amount. The authorization is given by the Director of the CVC.
Evaluation criteria: the Committee will take into consideration:
  • Academic record.
  • Knowledge on the fields required in the call.
  • Other merits certified with documents.
Evaluation of applications:
Applications received by 15th of August 2012 will be considered for evaluation. The fellowship resolution will be published on 1st of September 2012. In case that no candidates are selected on this date, search will continue until the position is filled.
Job Ref: Pre-doctoral research positions (FPI76-CVC).
Location: Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona (Region)
Working Term: Fellowships & Grants
Application Deadline: 15/08/2012
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