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Job Title: PhD Studentship: HDR Models & Methods for Cinema Postproduction
PhD studentship: HDR models and methods for cinema postproduction
The Information and Communication Technologies department at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, invites applications for a PhD studentship position which is described below.
This position is associated with the María de Maeztu Units of Excellence Research Program of the Spanish government, and involves joint work of the research labs of profs. Marcelo Bertalmío and Josep Blat.
Candidates should hold a M.Sc. with a solid background in mathematics and be proficient in spoken and written English.
Experience in image processing, computer graphics and visual perception would be highly valuable.
The aim of the research work in this proposal is to develop vision models and software methods allowing us to properly handle high dynamic range (HDR) content during cinema postproduction, with three main goals: combining images of different dynamic range, conversion of dynamic range (tone mapping (TM) and inverse TM), and evaluation of TM results.
The methodology will consist first in collecting a large number of radiance maps, both for HDR and low dynamic range images (LDR), using high quality photographic equipment for natural images and accurate rendering algorithms for synthetic scenes. Next a statistical analysis of this database will be performed, looking at the relationship between image luminance and dynamic range, aiming to understand how to properly combine visual data of different dynamic range and also to build/optimize a TM operator based on human visual perception.
Finally, this knowledge will be applied as well to current vision models of lightness and contrast, with the goal of developing a perception-based visual quality metric for TM.
The latter two stages involve psychophysical tests for the development and validation of the proposed models/methods.
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Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF, is a public university located in Barcelona. It is the best Spanish university according to the London Times higher education index, 2011, and it's the number one Spanish university in number of ERC grants.
The Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT, is the best in Computer Science in Spain, according to the Shanghai index 2009.
The accreditation Units of Excellence Maria de Maeztu 2016-19 recognizes the units in Spain that perform cutting-edge research and are among the world's best in their respective areas.
Only 3 university departments are accredited as such in Spain, and DTIC-UPF is the only one among technology and engineering.
Job Ref: HDR Models & Methods for Cinema Postproduction
Hours: Full Time
Location: Barcelona (City)
Working Term: Fellowships & Grants
Salary: 16.300EUR
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