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Employer Profile - Nnergix Energy Managment SL
Nnergix is an energy forecasting startup focused in the development of predictive algorithms in the renewable energy and electricity industry.
The main products developed are mainly converting weather data from diverse sources such as Weather Numerical Models, Ground Stations and other Satellite data into future behaviour of solar plants and wind farms. In order to deliver these services Nnergix uses Big Data analytic techniques such as Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms and other. Current products are available with a worldwide scope and for a wide range of temporary resolutions from short term (1h to 6h ahead) to mid term (6h to 15 days ahead). Nnergix has key solutions to overcome the challenge of green energies management and its grid integration:
  • Wind & solar power forecasting technology
  • SMARTmonitor web platform

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Job Title: Data Analitycs / Data Scientist
Company: Nnergix Energy Managment SL
Working Hours: Full Time | Job Location: Barcelona (Region) | Salary: To be determined
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