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Employer Profile - LEQUIA-UdG
LEQUIA is a research group that belongs to the Environment Institute of the University of Girona.
Since 2001, LEQUIA is member of the Network of Innovation Support Centers of the Generalitat de Catalunya (XIT–CIDEM) (nowadays replaced by ACC1Ó).
Actually, LEQUIA is member of TECNIO, an umbrella set up with the aim of bringing together leading experts working in applied research and technology transfer in Catalonia. Recently, LEQUIA has been given Consolidated Research Group label, which is renewed on annual basis by AGAUR and Talència.
  1. Nowadays, the activities of the group are structured around the following expertise topics: design, operation and control of advanced processes for biological treatment of both industrial and urban wastewater,
  2. development and application of environmental decision support systems, and
  3. application of adsorption/oxidation processes for the treatment of gaseous and aqueous effluents.

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