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Employer Profile - Diopma.Centre of Design and Optimization of Processes and Materials

Diopma.Centre of Design and Optimization of Processes and Materials

The Centre of Design and Optimization of Processes and Materials, DIOPMA, is a scientific research centre at the University of Barcelona, formed at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering.
The centre DIOPMA is constituted by a group of PhD, Graduates, and Engineers.
DIOPMA is a consolidated group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2009 SGR 645), is part of the network that brings together the leading technology transfer centers and agents in Catalonia (TECNIO), is member of the Reference Network in Advanced Materials for Energy (XaRMAE) of the Generalitat de Catalunya,the Network of Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries CSIC-University, and the Spanish Network of Thermal Energy Storage.
DIOPMA counts with members of the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN2UB) and of the Sociedad Espańola de Cerámica y Vidrio.
DIOPMA collaborates with industries looking for solutions to each specific problem, offering the following services:

-Design and characterization of metallic, ceramic, polymeric and composite materials.

  • Research of new materials.
  • Mechanical assays at macro, micro and nanometric scale.
  • Structural characterization.
  • Physical and chemical characterization.
-Research and development projects, and technological innovation (R+D+i). o
  • Fundamental and applied research, development and innovation.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Competitive projects.
-Bibliographic studies on patents and regulations.
-Technical assessment and consulting.
-Specialized training for industries.
DIOPMA Center focuses its technological expertise on the following fields:
Materials Technologies
-Materials characterization (microstructural, mechanical behavior, properties,…).
-Advanced materials development.
-Product process optimization.
-Pilot plant design.
Energy and Environmental Technologies
-Recycling, assessment and inertization of solid wastes
-Materials for thermal energy storage.
-Development of materials for acoustic and thermal insulation
Our activity is mainly developed on the secondary sector, that of transformation, from the raw material to the final product, including processing and by-product recycling.
-Fire-resistant aggregates
-Solid urban wastes as construction aggregates
-Thermal and acoustic insulation
-Polymer fireproofing
-Granulometric analysis
Automotive industry
-Reinforced composite materials
Industrial processes
-Pilot plants
-Process optimization
-Fuel cells
-Thermal energy storage
-Metals purification
-Metallic coatings
-Alloy formulation
Improvement of the continuous casting process of recycled copper for the manufacture of semifinished copper products. The incorporation of new technologies into the process allowed increasing the company’s turnover by 80% in the first two years. The patented technology (3 Spanish and 1 US patents) has been sold in various countries worldwide. A high electrical conductivity copper wire was obtained which has made the company to become the first in the world in processing this product from secondary raw materials As a result of the collaboration, the company obtained the 2001 Award to the Technological Innovation from the Government of Catalonia.
Installation of a pilot plant to obtain highly pure hydromagnesite. Agreement for the development of the product as a fireproofing agent in polyolefins. Technical advice to public organizations related to environmental issues to introduce magnesium compounds for the stabilization of solid wastes and soils contaminated with heavy metals. Over 220,000 tones have been employed for this purpose. Design of a plant to treat 35,000l/day of wastewater from the obtaining process of a natural colouring. Removal of ammonium and phosphor.
4 Spanish patents.

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