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Employer Profile - Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (DTIC-UPF)
UPF is ranked as the most productive university in Spain in research outcome and attraction of funds (THE2013) and 13th worldwide among young universities (THE2013, 100 under 50).
DTIC-UPF community (> 50 nationalities) conducts research in a broad range of fields created around the convergence of ICT with computing science, networks, biomedical and cognitive sciences. The active participation in international programs (65 projects in FP7, including 9 prestigious ERC grants and the Human Brain Project) creates a unique environment for the development of talented researchers. Main areas of activity include:

·      COGNITIVE AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: Cognition, Computation and Robotics; Artificial Intelligence and Theoretical Computer Science; Natural Language Processing; Ubiquitous Computing; Information Retrieval and Data Mining; Cognitive Multimedia Technologies

·       AUDIOVISUAL TECHNOLOGIES: Image Processing and Computer Vision; Image Processing for Enhanced Cinematography; Sound and Music Computing; Human-Computer Interaction, Graphics and Educational Technologies

·    NETWORKS AND COMMUNICATIONS: Network Technologies and Strategies; Wireless Communications; Information Theory and Coding

·     COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY AND BIOMEDICAL SYSTEMS: Computational Neuroscience; Computational Imaging and Computational Physiology; Analysis of Biomedical Data; Non-linear signal analysis; Instrumentation and Biomedical Electronics; Simulation, Imaging and Modelling for Biomedical Systems.

The DTIC also hosts the Center of Brain and Cognition (CBC) 
DTIC offers advanced training opportunities in its PhD program and DTIC’s 1-year research master programs: Sound and Music Computing, Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media, Intelligent Interactive Systems, Brain and Cognition, Computer Vision - coordinated by UAB, Wireless Communications - with UPC, starting 2015-16).

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Job Title: PhD Studentship: HDR Models & Methods for Cinema Postproduction
Company: Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (DTIC-UPF)
Working Hours: Full Time | Job Location: Barcelona (City) | Salary: 16.300EUR
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