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Employer Profile - CERPTA Planta de Tecnologia dels Aliments
The Centre Especial de Recerca Planta de Tecnologia dels Aliments (CERPTA) is a research centre linked to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) mainly focused to the development of quality research and the transference of technology to the food industry companies.
CERPTA’s fundamental commitment is to the application of new technologies, nanotechnologies and technofuncionality that improve food safety, the nutritional value of foods, and the design and production of functional foods.
Our work is focused on dairy products, poultry and its derivatives, vegetable liquids, fish and seafood products, bread making process, wine making process, functional food and IV and V range foods.
Nowadays we are 38 employees: the director of the centre (Chair of Food Science Technology), 10 associate professors, 2 lectures, 9 technicians and more than 10 PhD students.
The expertise focus areas
-The application of non-thermal technologies like High hydrostatic pressure (HPH) and Ultra High Pressure Homogenization (UHPH).
-Food safety and quality
-Pathogenic of food origin
-Development of Optical Sensor Technologies for Food Process Control
-Nutrition and toxicology
-Product structure and functionality
Important current projects (Seventh Framework Program)
-FUNENTECH: intends to reinforce technology transfer of Ultra High Pressure Homogenizing (UHPH) processing to SME of liquid-food and cosmetic sectors.
-NANODETECT: development of nanosensors for the detection of quality parameters along the food chain.
-Development of an optical backscatter sensor for determining thermal denaturation of whey proteins during milk processing
CERPTA has a 950 m2 of Pilot Plant equipped with industrial installations and 5 laboratories with the most advanced equipment available.
-Food processes optimization
-Problems resolution in food elaboration
-Valuation of the competitive advantages of processes or innovative products.
-Legal requirements application
-Continued training for technicians and workers at their work-place
-Development of food processes or products.
-Laboratory and Industrial tests.
-Industrial production with packaging of commercial samples
-Evaluation of final products and advising on the process implantation at the customer facilities.
-Development of public or private, regional, national or European R+D+i projects
-Supporting to Veterinary and Food Science and Technology Degrees, Third cycle programs and any others on request at UAB.
This centre is a member of TECNIO, the brand name created by ACCIO to earmark the centres and stakeholders that specialize in applied research and technology transfer in Catalonia. This serves the twofold purpose of enabling business to access leading R&D+i skills and of favouring the competitiveness and international outreach of these centres.

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