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About us

B-value is a career resources site based in Barcelona, for people and companies oriented to innovation, research and technology development. B-value borns in 2008 as a spin-off of Heurística de Catalunya, an experimented HR consultant company founded in 1989. provides specific tools and resources to help Human Resources managers improve the effectiveness of their recruitment processes. Due to our exclusive focus on strategic sectors, our customers can find results qualitatively than on other less targeted services.

Company background

In the beginning of the year 2000 a series of factors came together:

A critical review of our activity in Barcelona where there was a great concentration of HR consultancy.

A balance of all years having worked with very divers clients who have given us a strong belief in a bidirectional selection process: candidates with added value for companies and companies with added value for candidates.

The lack of expertise when defusing offers, recruiting and selecting specific professionals for companies belonging to strategic and very specialized sectors.

Coinciding with The Day of the Entrepreneur in 2008 we launched the presentation of the platform with the following objectives:

  • Promote all agents who are creating value in INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY worldwide.
  • Identify, attract, capture and encourage loyalty to our worldwide add-value professionals and/or professionals for positions that are still difficult to fill.
  • Strengthen the internationalization strategy of companies
  • Highlight  the importance of HR, of people, being a key element of intellectual capital of organizations and of company strategy.

From our start (2008) we have grown exponentially and nowadays our platform is a core of agents in innovation, research and development technology and scientific-technical talent, both national and international, frequently with a PhD  or postdoc+a high level of English or professionals coming from the management strategy field (technology transfer managers, innovation directors, project managers...) and obviously motivated by Barcelona. Barcelona has a great potential to create and offer value: strategic sectors of activity, top-class universities and business schools, internationally recognized research centers, high-tech parks, and the PEOPLE.

Surely we are not the best nor the first nor the unique but we are aware of the fact one's added value is not only determined by this. The weighted mean of factors, as in a good selection process, determines the adequacy and the end result.

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